Welcome to AVA DEX!

The First DEX on Avalanche with Mini-Games, Liquidity mining and Trading !
AVA DEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Avalanche focused on offering a premier trading experience. Users are incentivized to put liquidity on AVA DEX through yield farming to earn the native currency, $AVEX. Additionally, users can use their earned $AVEX to stake and earn other tokens and unlock exclusive features. Built by DeFi devs, for DeFi users, we have a dedicated team with years of experience who are committed to the DeFi community and growing the Avadex Project.

↔️ Trade

Instantly swap crypto tokens: no registration or account needed.

Low fees

Why pay more? AVA DEX runs on Avalanche, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum. Trading fees are lower than other top decentralized exchanges too, so that's a double win for you!


Trade directly from your wallet app. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, AVA DEX doesn’t hold your funds when you trade: you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.
Enjoy playing games to earn , yield farming and exchange with the lowest fees DEX on Avalanche.
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